Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More pika!!!!!!

Well, I got more pikachu for you.  A handmade necklace from yours truly!
Made with string, polymer clay, paint and yellow beads.  The clay pikachu is from a mold I make of a pikachu key chain I have.  The poke balls well, clay too!  Rolled up to a spear, place holes in them then paint and glaze.  I used a heavy duty wire to hang them so that the paint would not mess up while drying.  
Here is just the pikachu right after baking stage.  
The mouth shape went missing due to messing up when painting.  Also, you may need sand paper just in case of rough edges!  That or... well.... I use an electrical nail filer.....  Ohh and for the hook, you can buy special kinds of hooks that can screw in.  Not like... wall hooks, more like jewelry hooks.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If you're evil, you need horns of course!

A new update on my Loki outfit.  The DIY horns!
Of course, this is just a basic head band inspired by Loki.  My awesome art skills are not awesome enough to create the full helmet.  Plus, I already said the outfit is an inspired by, not a cosplay.  I didn't really take any photos while this was in creation but I will tell you the basics.
Materials: head band, gold polymer clay, some sort of strong adhesive (for the horns, best to get one that dries quick) goldish cloth.
It might be easier to find a gold head band if not, well do what I did and glue gold cloth to the head band or you might be able to paint the gold on there depending on the material.
For the horns, remember they point to the back....  a little facing to each other but don't go crazy on direction. When rolling the clay, keep in mind that for each horn, one end comes to a point as the other is thick.  Also, cook the clay before placing on the head band.  I use sculpey for clay, you can buy oven bake clay at pretty much all art stores in the US.  Try Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
Remember keep the horns looking like each other, they are a pair ya know?  They also have a crescent shape to it.  It's not difficult to create, so have a ball!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The outfit of mischief

Well, I think after the Pikachu outfit.  I will believe most of you would assume I am a nerd despite my fashion love.  So, who or what should be next?  hmmm....?
The God of sexy.... umm I mean mischief of course!  Goes with my Avengers fandom I am currently is the phase of.  So, yes... in polyvore, I created a Loki outfit!   
Well, I created this outfit a few weeks ago.  Now starting to work on making the outfit as... well... an outfit! Though, I may change it a bit.  Instead of a green shirt, the shirt will be black.  The draped cardigan though, would be green.  The horns, are going to be a basic head band with DIY horns attached.  It isn't complete cosplay,  just an inspired outfit.   I do believe this outfit would come to a pretty neat-oh, nerdy, evil looking outfit!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today I would like to show you the creation and the success of an outfit I did a while back ago.....  IT'S PIKACHU!!!!
Of course with pikachu, I went crazy with the yellow.  I kinda want it to be almost cosplay.  If anyone knows anything about me, I just adore pikachu!  Who doesn't!  This was my first polyvore outfit I started to create.  Now, the success picture!  
I went crazy editing this photo with my phone!  Saw the lightning on the app, soo pikachu!  Well, the only think missing from the outfit is the shoes!!!  I hope to actually DIY the shoes in the near future...  How?  Normal flats plus yellow glitter, that's how!  Now to talk about the outfit it self!  Well, the jacket was bought at Hot Topic, it was mainly a birthday gift that I was there when bought.  I have a pikachu backpack that of course you can't see.  I wear that thing a lot!!  It was bout at FYE.  The top was bought at walmart.  The leggings and shoes were bought at a local fashion store, American Divia in Rock Hill, SC.  It was actually a very simple outfit to come up with the pieces.  In total, the outfit as a whole (without the shoes) cost about $90.  The most expensive part, was of course the jacket.  
Now?  More describe on what and why?  Well, the leggings.  I don't wanted tights, since the shoes will also be yellow.  I did not want to colors to combine and be straight yellow everywhere!  I need to show some skin not being yellow lol.  As for the shorts?  Well, it's a fashion mistake just to wear leggings as pants (I've seen many to make that mistake)  Plus, the shorts make it look more cute!  ^.^  
Well, thank you those who read my first fashion entry!  Trust me, there will be more in the future!    

Monday, June 4, 2012

The (not so great) 1st entry

For this entry, is just saying what to expect! and who I am.  :3
Well, lets get the who I am part out of the way.  My name is Adoara, and when it comes to clothes I try to get unique and crazy with it.  I like it when I dress up!  If I do not, it's usually because lack of time to do so, something calls for jeans and a t shirt or just being lazy.
But when I do dress up, expect to be amused!  I am influenced a lot by Japanese fashion; (lolita, dolly kei, cosplay.... ect)  When going to high school, I sorta fell in to the 'Goth/Emo' crowed, which is odd since I don't wear black all the time.  Sometimes I dress too happy for that.  Of course, I also fell in with the Nerds!
I do create a lot of accessories, and I keep procrastinating on learning how to sew.  -.-  Need a photo of me?  Well, here's a basic boring over photoshop one.  Nothing too special about this picture, just shows what my face looks like.  lol
So what could you expect for later, interesting entries?  Well the main thing I like to do is build up an outfit.  With the help of polyvore.  You'll see a polyvore made college here, it means...  I am trying to get the pieces to make that outfit!  Then later post about my success or possible failer (if the outfit has a somewhat deadline like a holiday outfit)  I will also post out fits I already own, and possibly tell you the basic on where each piece is from.  Another thing is my hand made wearable, like jewelry!  (and hopefully one day my hand made clothes)   So is it all about me?  Not really, I also hope to find other styles that seem interesting, give some beauty advice and share some reviews.  But one thing is damn sure, this blog is all about my crazy fashion since!  and possibly some not so crazy.  Well, I hope to have a new entry up soon.  So keep an eye out for it.