Sunday, June 10, 2012

The outfit of mischief

Well, I think after the Pikachu outfit.  I will believe most of you would assume I am a nerd despite my fashion love.  So, who or what should be next?  hmmm....?
The God of sexy.... umm I mean mischief of course!  Goes with my Avengers fandom I am currently is the phase of.  So, yes... in polyvore, I created a Loki outfit!   
Well, I created this outfit a few weeks ago.  Now starting to work on making the outfit as... well... an outfit! Though, I may change it a bit.  Instead of a green shirt, the shirt will be black.  The draped cardigan though, would be green.  The horns, are going to be a basic head band with DIY horns attached.  It isn't complete cosplay,  just an inspired outfit.   I do believe this outfit would come to a pretty neat-oh, nerdy, evil looking outfit!  

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