Monday, June 4, 2012

The (not so great) 1st entry

For this entry, is just saying what to expect! and who I am.  :3
Well, lets get the who I am part out of the way.  My name is Adoara, and when it comes to clothes I try to get unique and crazy with it.  I like it when I dress up!  If I do not, it's usually because lack of time to do so, something calls for jeans and a t shirt or just being lazy.
But when I do dress up, expect to be amused!  I am influenced a lot by Japanese fashion; (lolita, dolly kei, cosplay.... ect)  When going to high school, I sorta fell in to the 'Goth/Emo' crowed, which is odd since I don't wear black all the time.  Sometimes I dress too happy for that.  Of course, I also fell in with the Nerds!
I do create a lot of accessories, and I keep procrastinating on learning how to sew.  -.-  Need a photo of me?  Well, here's a basic boring over photoshop one.  Nothing too special about this picture, just shows what my face looks like.  lol
So what could you expect for later, interesting entries?  Well the main thing I like to do is build up an outfit.  With the help of polyvore.  You'll see a polyvore made college here, it means...  I am trying to get the pieces to make that outfit!  Then later post about my success or possible failer (if the outfit has a somewhat deadline like a holiday outfit)  I will also post out fits I already own, and possibly tell you the basic on where each piece is from.  Another thing is my hand made wearable, like jewelry!  (and hopefully one day my hand made clothes)   So is it all about me?  Not really, I also hope to find other styles that seem interesting, give some beauty advice and share some reviews.  But one thing is damn sure, this blog is all about my crazy fashion since!  and possibly some not so crazy.  Well, I hope to have a new entry up soon.  So keep an eye out for it.  

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