Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More pika!!!!!!

Well, I got more pikachu for you.  A handmade necklace from yours truly!
Made with string, polymer clay, paint and yellow beads.  The clay pikachu is from a mold I make of a pikachu key chain I have.  The poke balls well, clay too!  Rolled up to a spear, place holes in them then paint and glaze.  I used a heavy duty wire to hang them so that the paint would not mess up while drying.  
Here is just the pikachu right after baking stage.  
The mouth shape went missing due to messing up when painting.  Also, you may need sand paper just in case of rough edges!  That or... well.... I use an electrical nail filer.....  Ohh and for the hook, you can buy special kinds of hooks that can screw in.  Not like... wall hooks, more like jewelry hooks.  

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