Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today I would like to show you the creation and the success of an outfit I did a while back ago.....  IT'S PIKACHU!!!!
Of course with pikachu, I went crazy with the yellow.  I kinda want it to be almost cosplay.  If anyone knows anything about me, I just adore pikachu!  Who doesn't!  This was my first polyvore outfit I started to create.  Now, the success picture!  
I went crazy editing this photo with my phone!  Saw the lightning on the app, soo pikachu!  Well, the only think missing from the outfit is the shoes!!!  I hope to actually DIY the shoes in the near future...  How?  Normal flats plus yellow glitter, that's how!  Now to talk about the outfit it self!  Well, the jacket was bought at Hot Topic, it was mainly a birthday gift that I was there when bought.  I have a pikachu backpack that of course you can't see.  I wear that thing a lot!!  It was bout at FYE.  The top was bought at walmart.  The leggings and shoes were bought at a local fashion store, American Divia in Rock Hill, SC.  It was actually a very simple outfit to come up with the pieces.  In total, the outfit as a whole (without the shoes) cost about $90.  The most expensive part, was of course the jacket.  
Now?  More describe on what and why?  Well, the leggings.  I don't wanted tights, since the shoes will also be yellow.  I did not want to colors to combine and be straight yellow everywhere!  I need to show some skin not being yellow lol.  As for the shorts?  Well, it's a fashion mistake just to wear leggings as pants (I've seen many to make that mistake)  Plus, the shorts make it look more cute!  ^.^  
Well, thank you those who read my first fashion entry!  Trust me, there will be more in the future!    

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