Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If you're evil, you need horns of course!

A new update on my Loki outfit.  The DIY horns!
Of course, this is just a basic head band inspired by Loki.  My awesome art skills are not awesome enough to create the full helmet.  Plus, I already said the outfit is an inspired by, not a cosplay.  I didn't really take any photos while this was in creation but I will tell you the basics.
Materials: head band, gold polymer clay, some sort of strong adhesive (for the horns, best to get one that dries quick) goldish cloth.
It might be easier to find a gold head band if not, well do what I did and glue gold cloth to the head band or you might be able to paint the gold on there depending on the material.
For the horns, remember they point to the back....  a little facing to each other but don't go crazy on direction. When rolling the clay, keep in mind that for each horn, one end comes to a point as the other is thick.  Also, cook the clay before placing on the head band.  I use sculpey for clay, you can buy oven bake clay at pretty much all art stores in the US.  Try Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
Remember keep the horns looking like each other, they are a pair ya know?  They also have a crescent shape to it.  It's not difficult to create, so have a ball!

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